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There are four mottos that tell a lot about the UCC.  They are:

"That they may all be one."

The United Church of Christ was formed in a process of union of four churches, which culminated in 1957. Two of the parent churches had their roots in the English Reformation and two in the German Reformation. The original churches are some of the oldest in America dating back to the Pilgrims who arrived on the Mayflower in 1620.

"In essentials, unity.  In non-essentials, diversity.  In all things, love."

The UCC is a church where diversity is cherished. We are different people, often at different places on our journeys of faith. We believe in doctrinal freedom and cherish a unity that comes from our worship of God and service to others.

"To believe is to care. To care is to do."

As a church, we are proud of our witness to Christ in the world. We have a history of mission which includes many firsts in standing up for the rights of all people in Christ's name. Whether through spreading of the Gospel message, the prophetic witness against injustice, or the compassionate reaching out to a broken world, we are a church that cares. We seek, in Christian love, to help, to heal, and to draw the world closer to God's vision of faith and peace with justice.

"God is still speaking."

We believe that God is still very active in our world, opening the minds and hearts of people of faith everywhere. Whenever human beings say that something is impossible, we believe that God challenges us to look at new possibilities. As Jesus reached past prejudices and limitations to heal and welcome, so do we.