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Ministering to Toddlers

Visit our Children’s Worship Center in the Red Case

Located in the church lobby

First Congregational welcomes children with a combination of options to spiritually nurture children.

  • The worship center offers guides and support for parenting a child’s spirituality.
  • The worship center offers books, coloring, and quiet toys to engage children while they are in worship.
  • The worship center offers children’s Sunday worship bulletins.

Infants & Toddlers

Center located on main floor across from sanctuary

Sunday mornings are a challenge for families with small children. As much as we at FCCL feel it is important for children to start experiencing worship at a young age, we understand their presence can detract from the parents’ worship. Even when child care opportunities are offered, parents often face “withdrawal issues” when toddlers are left alone. At FCCL, we try to assist families in several ways to enable them to worship regularly on Sunday mornings.

  • Rocking Chair Station sits right outside the sanctuary, next to the worship center, so parents can address an infant’s cries, stay in touch with worship, and return conveniently to the sanctuary.
  • Nursery located directly across from the sanctuary also affords parents the option of taking care of infants’ needs and conveniently returning to worship. The nursery is equipped with changing table, diapers, and pak ’n play, plus more rockers. Adult volunteers are also available to assist parents.
  • Little Lambs program is conducted from the nursery. Structured play areas are divided from infant care. Children through the ages of four years experience stories, games, crafts, and songs in addition to play. The emphasis is on having children feel safe and enjoy coming to church. Parents and children are welcome to move freely from worship to child care as needed. The goal of the program is to transition the child into the church school setting.