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the church in the country
The church in the country, 1950

A New Church in the Country

The Munro era began in 1943 when Dr. Harry C. Munro accepted a position of part-time pastor. A 40% increase in attendance soon followed, and the congregation turned its attention to expanding the facilities at Ninth and Washington. In the meantime, two worship services were offered on Sunday mornings beginning in May, 1945, and continued until early 1969 when the church returned to one service.

On September 7, 1946, church members voted to accept the offer from the Milne Family Estate of a building site at Ninth and Garfield and to erect a new church there. Many members were against building a church "so far out in the country."

Ground breaking, 1948

Groundbreaking 1950

Ground was broken in early 1948, the cornerstone was laid in October, and the building was dedicated on October 30, 1949.

Speaking: Rev. Racey, United Methodist Church; Left to right: Rev. Milt Heitzman, Clinton Bismark, Charlest Ernst, unknown, Dr. Harry Munro, Grant Winston, unknown, Bob Danielson

Building committee, about 1950

Building Committee 1950

A distinguished building committee was in charge of the construction of the new church. Rev. Milt Heitzman, son-in-law of Harry and Vera Munro, had become pastor in July 1946. The committee is pictured in a meeting held in the entrance lobby shortly after the new building was finished.

Left to right: Bob Bently, Clarence Woock, Serena Woock, Lena Dasenbrock, Marion Raue, Charles Ernst, Al Bockholdt, Grant Winston, Julia Stephenson, Royal Strong, Rev. Milt Heitzman, Clinton Bismark, Bob Danielson, and John Reese

The front door of the church is through the doors on the top left of the picture. The sanctuary at that time was to the left in this picture. A new sanctuary addition was added twelve years later and is located to the right with respect to the picture.

A wedding in the new church, 1951

Wedding in 1951

Presiding: Rev. Milt Heitzman; unknown wedding party; at the Wurlitzer organ: Jimmy Stephenson,15, grandson of R.L. and Julia Stephenson.